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Adopt an eco-responsible approach

In recent years, the world has become more and more environmentally conscious. Indeed, habits are changing and actions to protect the planet are being carried out at all levels.

Several fashion companies have decided to become eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable brands. Like these, Medessey creations is aligned with the ranks of eco-responsible startups.

What is eco-responsible fashion?

Co-responsible fashion involves adopting actions to limit one's footprint, and the negative impact of the use of harmful products on the environment. It is a vast awareness movement, among industry players and consumers, for the protection of the planet and people.


Why did we choose to be an eco-responsible brand?

I am the mother of three little girls, and for them I dream of a healthy and livable world, without animal cruelty or pollution, where our children will be healthy and can flourish. To preserve the environment, our brand is committed to creating fashion accessories that guarantee a low environmental impact, for sustainable fashion.

Bibiane Sodokpa Medessey Creations

Medessey creations rejects all forms of abuse linked to non-respect of workers' rights, as well as the exploitation of children in factories. Our products are manufactured for this purpose in Portugal, by artisans, in ethical conditions reflecting our values of well-being.

We chose to use apple leather; an innovative, vegan and eco-responsible material, for our contribution to sustainable fashion. This constitutes our effort to preserve the environment, and the health of all those involved from production to the use of our products.


Being an eco-friendly brand also has its challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that all aspects of the production process, and the sourcing of materials for manufacturing, are environmentally friendly. For the young startup that is my brand, our major challenge is to be able to find factories here in Canada that can help startups, as well as the accessibility of our raw material, apple leather.

We opted for Portugal, which is recognized for its know-how in manufacturing shoes and leather goods, as well as collaboration with a factory, which facilitates startups and above all reflects our ethical values.

Bibiane Sodokpa Medessey Creations

What makes our brand proud?

Although the challenges are challenging,

we are proud to be able to offer stylish products that are vegan, ethical and sustainable. Our products are not only respectful of the environment, but also of the health of artisans and consumers. The apple leather used is considered one of the best ecological alternatives, compared to traditional leather and synthetics. It's certainly a small step for my brand, but a big step for humanity.

The choice of apple leather is definitely more than a trend. It constitutes a great experience for our brand, and our contribution to a better world, because we will only achieve this by involving each of us at various levels.


And you, how do you contribute to a greener planet?

Looking forward to reading you! ♥



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