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Apple leather: much more than a trend!

An eco-responsible approach and a new way of consuming; vegan leather is here to stay! 🍏

Is all vegan material ecological?

It is worth mentioning that the term apple leather, or vegan leather, is in fact a misnomer; because the term “leather” normally applies to any material made from animal skin. But it’s a simpler way to designate all these new materials and alternatives to traditional leather.

Initially, the transformation of apple residue aimed to give a second life to this waste from the agro-food industry, in Northern Italy, which

were intended to be burned.

Apple leather, an alternative to animal leather

Apple leather is an innovative material and an excellent substitute for traditional leather. It is obtained from apple residue, used to make juices, ciders, etc.

It also has the same characteristics as the latter: waterproof, flexible, resistant, breathable and above all reflects the feeling of luxury leather, which made us fall in love with the material. It is made near where these apples are processed, to reduce the carbon impact on the environment.

The apple residue is actually sorted and washed before being reduced to a paste, and bound with pigments and polyurethane. From this step it is easier to shape different thicknesses and textures, which can be used in fashion and others.

It is certainly not yet 100% ecological, due to the presence of PU, but is considered one of the best eco-responsible alternatives, compared to traditional and synthetic leather, with a low impact on the environment. .

In addition, it should be noted that it does not require any special maintenance: just lukewarm, soapy water for cleaning.

The name "vegan leather"

To do a more in-depth analysis, the term vegan leather is more of a marketing term, because cruelty-free leather does not necessarily mean ecological. The compositions of the material are not necessarily known, and it is a term that can create confusion in the mind of the consumer.

Certain vegan materials are ultra polluting, because they contain toxic products such as PVC. When considering PU alone, it does not disintegrate naturally; therefore also harmful to the planet and, in the long term, not necessarily profitable. But it is already a better option compared to PVC.


A choice that is obvious

At Medessey Créations, we opted for an ecological material, based on apple residue, PVC-free, durable, biodegradable and waterproof.

This is a small step for the apple, but a big step for humanity.


I hope, through my article, to have enlightened you a little on the subject.

Looking forward to discussing! ♥♥♥

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