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Bibiane Sodokpa - Entrepreneurial journey

When I started my entrepreneurial adventure, I didn't know what exactly awaited me. My dream, my passion and my greatest desire to make a difference were stronger than anything. In this article, I share my story with you, as well as the challenges I have faced so far. Finally, I will focus on valuable lessons learned and victories.

My passion for entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a sector that has always fascinated me. Since my early childhood, I aspired to evolve in this field which is a way to express my creativity which, in my opinion, has the potential to transform lives. I had already “flirted” with entrepreneurship after my training in hospitality in my country in Benin, more precisely in the catering sector.

Take the plunge!

But, here in Canada, it all really began in 2020, with my ardent desire to create my brand of uniquely designed fashion accessories for women and girls. Our products combine elegance and eco-responsibility, to allow them to express their uniqueness, and to feel beautiful and confident in all stages of their personal and professional lives.

Not being in my country of origin, and not having at that time the required skills in the field of fashion, the desire came back to me to return to entrepreneurship. I had doubts, I asked myself a thousand and one questions, but my passion was so much stronger than all these fears, that I decided to follow my intuition and take the plunge. On the other hand, I would say that I launched too quickly, and that I did not take the time to think carefully and plan well, because I was so impatient to give birth to my project and to see my idea come to life.


Learning by trial and error

I first had to do a first test with a factory in Mexico, and it was a failure, but an educational failure. I gained great experience and learning in the field.

For my second test, in 2021, this time I collaborated with a factory in Portugal. I had to go through the entire design process all the way through to sampling. I had no one to turn to for answers to my questions. But I am so proud to have been able to see the project through to the end, despite the language barrier and the difficulties encountered.

In 2022, I proudly launched my brand, not without difficulty, but it was so rewarding.

Question yourself and adjust

In summary, since the start of my adventure, I have made lots of bad choices and developed bad collaborations. I made bad decisions, which resulted in huge losses of money, and all because I didn't take the time to properly think through my project. I skipped certain essential steps which had repercussions on the development of my business.

But in 2023, I questioned myself, as every entrepreneur is called to do at some point, and made radical decisions to correct the flaws and align myself with my values, the vision and the mission that I have. for Medessey Creations.

I also started networking, which allows me to step out of my comfort zone and meet other extraordinary women, with whom I can share the challenges and daily realities of our life as an entrepreneur.

Lessons learned and victories

All these trials made me navigate stormy waters, but in the end I learned invaluable lessons, which taught me to question myself, to develop my self-confidence, to focus on my goals , and to readjust myself according to the situations.

I am also very grateful to life, to have colleagues who believe in me, and work enormously for the smooth running of my business.

The fact that my products are designed from an innovative material, that is to say apple leather which is a natural, aesthetic and eco-responsible material, and the appreciation of women in relation to the quality of my accessories, are victories that stimulate my determination to continue.

Bibiane Sodopka

Trust yourself and dare!

My journey as an entrepreneur has been an adventure full of ups and downs so far, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. He taught me resilience, determination and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. I am grateful for these lessons learned, as well as the wonderful collaborations and connections.

To future entrepreneurs, I would like them to know that entrepreneurship is not easy, but so exciting. I would advise them initially to take the time to mature well, and plan their project, then to surround themselves with good people who believe in them and who also push them to move forward, to trust their intuition and above all to dare.


By sharing my story, I hope I can inspire many to embark on their own adventure, knowing that they too can make a difference.

Thank you and looking forward to discussing!♥



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