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People at the heart, our values ♥

Among the values that Medessey creations advocates, there is one that is particularly close to our hearts, and to which we attach great importance.

Bibiane Sodokpa Medessey Creations

What is this value that places the human person and their development above all other values?

I give it to you in a thousand!!! In this article we will talk about humanism and well-being!

A value that takes on its full meaning in our society today and tomorrow.

We are all aware of the existence of wars, conflicts, famines, epidemics, diseases like cancer, and others, and the consequences that these generate in the world. lives of those affected.

All these revolting inequalities provoke emotions which, naturally, lead us to get involved and contribute in our own way, by supporting causes that are close to our hearts.< /p>

Entraide Québec Afrique Medessey Creations

We advocate that our brand is a responsible and engaged actor in society, and this is reflected in our policy, which is to donate part of our profits to charitable organizations non-profit organization that takes care of these causes, here in Quebec or in Africa.

We have chosen to support research into childhood illnesses here in Quebec, and in Africa, to help the most deprived through donations to orphanages, among others.

For two (2) years now, we have been offering food and clothing. Our 1st donation was allocated to the Good Samaritan CABS” reception center, the 2nd donation to the NGO Étoiles de la Fraternityin Benin. Here in Quebec, we participated in the Leucan shaved head challenge.


Why choose to get involved with poor families?

We firmly believe that every individual should have the opportunity to live a dignified and comfortable life.

We cannot erase all these calamities from the earth but we can, each at our own level, try to do good to others and provide support to people who need it . With this in mind, we are also committed to doing our part for a better world.

This is our way of contributing to the well-being of children, as well as their families, and allowing them to find a balance.

We are convinced that solidarity and sharing are essential principles for a fairer society.

It is our duty to support these families who find themselves in a precarious and desperate situation, whose children are sick and going through difficult ordeals.


How to help?

There are many people and organizations who need help today, and we all have the power to offer them support. But how can we do it? We wonder how to help.

Value of mutual aid Medessey Creations

There are several ways to help, and each has its own benefits. We can donate money or goods to charitable organizations, offer our time and talents to charitable projects, and even simply take the time to listen and support those in need.

Every action, done from the heart, can have a profound impact on those we help, and ultimately give us that feeling of pride, of having been able to accomplish something good.

Faced with the misfortune of the world, we cannot remain indifferent.


Thank you for reading us and following our journey. We hope that our brand stands out for its commitment to the well-being of people, and that our humble contribution inspires other impulses of the heart. ♥



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