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What is the Eco-Chic concept?

In the current context of the fight against climate change, the Eco-Chic concept, even if it is not yet well developed, remains a positive solution for preservation of the environment.

It highlights the importance of sustainable fashion that combines living in harmony with the planet, while being stylish and trendy. We can understand that it is a new habit of consuming responsibly, without sacrificing one's taste for fashion.

Understanding the Eco-Chic concept

The Eco-Chic concept was adopted to encourage consumers to opt for eco-responsible and ethical products, aimed at preserving the environment, regardless of the sector. 'activities. It aims to offer a unique and trendy style, while focusing on sustainability and the use of natural and eco-friendly materials.

For Medessey Creations, this is the perfect way to combine style with sustainable fashion. So, for all women who want to change their purchasing habits and adopt an Eco-Chic lifestyle, our apple leather accessories could help them meet this need, while adding a touch of eco-responsible shine to their wardrobe.

Learn to adopt the Eco-Chic concept

The Eco-Chic concept is a trend based on changing one's habits for greener consumption, by opting for products that have a lesser impact on the environment , while being chic.

Eco-Chic Concept

Among women who are at the forefront of ethics and fashion, it is a vision that meets their expectations, without being forced to sacrifice their style. This concept can extend to our children.


Such mothers! Such girls!

Here, we highlight the fact that fashion can be a great way to strengthen mother-daughter bonding. Nowadays, this bond is no longer limited only to shopping, manicures or doing activities together. It is taken to another level, where mother and daughter share their love for fashion together. They can adopt an identical clothing style, which reveals this link, and combine it with Eco-Chic accessories, which is a must, thus introducing children, from a young age, to sustainable fashion and respect for the environment. 'environment.

This is the vision that our brand wishes to achieve through its creations, by offering twinning.

Mother-daughter bond

The benefits of mother-daughter bonding

From my personal experience, it is obvious that a mother develops and maintains a strong bond with her children. This bond is unique, and special, and should last a lifetime, through shared understanding and support. The mother teaches, transmits knowledge, values, respect and love. The mother cuddles, cherishes, motivates and values her daughter. Thus, she becomes a model that the girl admires and wants to imitate. It's the same for all children: girls and boys.

Always value your child!

You are beautiful! You are clever ! You are strong ! You are brave ! You can do it ! and so on... So, give quality time and lots of love to your treasures.


Some suggestions for Eco-Chic looks with our accessories from Medessey Créations

Our bags and shoes go well with different clothing styles, whether at the professional level, for relaxation or for mother-daughter twinning. Our mission is to allow women to express their uniqueness and feel beautiful and confident at all times, thanks to our unique accessories that combine elegance and eco-responsibility.

To go to work or for a happy hour: our “Mahouna” handbag is an excellent choice to complete your look. It is spacious for efficient storage. To carry on the shoulder or simply hold in hand.

Sneakers Mahouna Medessey Creations

For a mom and daughter outing: your little one could choose sneakers, and you our sandals, and why not match your handbag to her backpack, pretty and practical at a time?

For a quick weekend stroll: opt for our super comfortable sneakers. You will walk for miles without getting tired.

Let yourself be seduced by these perfect duos, designed for you!


The Eco-Chic concept is a trend that continues to grow.

Consumers can now remain both stylish and ethical. It's a great way to update your wardrobe, with Eco-Chic accessories, and why not adopt accessories from Medessey creations?

Looking forward! ♥♥♥



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