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Why Medessey Creations?

Because it reflects our vision. Indeed, our brand represents the mix between African and Western cultures, in order to create something beautiful and unique. Read on to learn more about the origins, meaning and prints of Medessey Créations.

Have you ever wondered where the name Medessey Créations comes from?

It all started with my eldest daughter who, growing up, wanted, at all costs, to wear the same accessories as me. In the desire to satisfy my daughter, I started the adventure in 2020 in Mexico, which ended in total failure. The samples received did not meet my expectations at all.

In 2021, I decided to try again. After having better matured my project, my search for factories then turned to Portugal, recognized for its expertise in the field of shoes and leather goods. I decided to create my brand, while I was at it, to offer the possibility to other mothers who would also like to do twinning with their daughters. This is how the idea of ​​starting a business was born. It should be noted that fashion is a field that already fascinated me.

It was then a question of finding a name for the brand.


Let’s explore the meaning of Medessey Creations together.

Our brand is proud not only of the know-how of its artisans, but also of its unique name which encapsulates the very essence of what our vision is, as well as the creation of beautiful, chic and timeless pieces.

The first part of our name comes from my endogenous first name “Mèdéssè” which means: No one is master of your destiny. It’s a first name in the ‘Fon’ language spoken in my country of origin, Benin. This choice shows the importance of starting a project with a solid foundation. We believe that remaining faithful to one's heritage is the key to one's authenticity, and also the desire to express one's identity.

Medessey Créations

Our 1st collection also bears the endogenous first name of my eldest: Mahouna, which means: GOD gave.

I wanted to anglicize “Mèdéssè” to make it easier to pronounce, with the letters e and y which were added at the end to hear the same sound as the word Jersey.

The 2nd part of our name represents a deeper meaning than designing simple items. We want to offer products that make everyone who wears them feel special and unique.

Together, Medessey and creations combine tradition and modernity.

This mix is ​​also reflected through our prints. It should be noted that in Africa we wear a lot of patterned and colorful fabrics. My way of honoring my African roots is through the choice of our prints. They are represented by the leaves of a plant: the “false Kinkéliba or Sienna Occidentalis”. Originally from tropical America, this plant is very popular in Africa for its medicinal virtues, namely anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The leaves, as well as the seeds, are eaten.

It is not only our African roots that we celebrate through our products, but also Western culture and its know-how; we are proud to represent the combination of these two cultures which allows us to create magnificent accessories with a unique design.

Medessey Créations

Our concept is not only the Africa-West mix, but also the mix in the brand name.

Speaking of design, a little surprise is brewing... Our current patterns are getting a makeover, for our next Eco-Chic collection dedicated to authentic and unique women.


Shhhh! This stays between us, so just stay tuned!

Looking forward to it! ♥



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