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  • - Where are your products manufactured?
    Given the difficulty of finding a shoe and bag manufacturer here in Canada that can help start-ups with small productions, our choice fell to Portugal, known for its reputation in the production of quality shoes and bags. . We do business with a local factory that corresponds to our code of ethics, with better working conditions for their employees and above all who have attention to detail and quality. It is located in Santa Maria da Feira and the staff is wonderful. We were guided throughout the whole process with good advice.
  • - What is apple leather?
    It’s a great substitute for leather! It is an innovative material made from apple residue from the manufacture of juices, ciders, etc. of the agri-food industry in northern Italy. The manufacturing of this material is done close to where the apples are processed, to limit its carbon impact. Apple leather, also called Apple skin, has the same appearance and the same characteristics as leather. It is durable, waterproof, flexible and breathable. However, it is not 100% ecological, but it is a good eco-responsible alternative. It consists of 27% polyester, 22% cotton, 27% polyurethane and 24% apple. The insole of the apple leather shoes also consists of 26% viscose, 51% polyurethane, 6% polyethylene and 17% apple. We remain on the lookout for new eco-responsible materials, in order to always offer you better.
  • - Do you have points of sale or store?
    No, we are only online at the moment.
  • - Do I have to create an account to make a purchase?
    No, not necessarily. But it's convenient for future purchases because you don't need to fill out your information again.
  • - "I have worn my shoes or my bag a few times and I realize after a while that it is not the right size or color for me, can I exchange it?"
    Not unfortunately as we mentioned in our returns and exchanges policy, since the item has been worn and worn.
  • - When will the 2nd collection be released?
    Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter to not miss any future developments!
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