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Bibiane Sodokpa Medessey Créations
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I am Bibiane Sodokpa

Founder of the brand

Motif africain

My Story

I am Bibiane Sodokpa, mother of 3 wonderful babies and founder of Medessey Créations, a brand of vegan and apple leather shoes and bags, for mother-daughter or women wishing to reveal their uniqueness.

I had the idea of ​​creating my brand, following observation of the society in which we live, but above all for my daughters and me. We run every day for all kinds of reasons: money, work, etc. and we sometimes miss the most important thing: time spent with our children.

Since the birth of my first daughter and her twin sisters, I strive a little more every day to increase the bond between them and me. Initially, the idea for my creations was simply for us, because my eldest daughter always wanted to wear the same accessories as me.

Having not seen products on the market that met our expectations, so I told myself that there must surely be other women who are experiencing this same problem, and would like to do twinning with their daughters, nieces, etc. other than with clothes, or who simply want to wear a unique accessory that sets them apart in their daily life.

The idea of ​​launching my products was therefore born, following my desire to fill this need and also with the aim of being able to contribute through donations, to a cause that is very close to my heart: helping the most deprived.

Medessey comes from my indigenous first name Mêdéssè which means “no one is master of your destiny”. But to make it easier to pronounce and more international, I added the Y at the end. (Pronounced like Jersey…)

My brand reflects a mix between Africa, my native land, and the West, my host land, through its colors, its prints and the materials used.

My prints are inspired by the leaves and pods of a plant called: “Faux kinkéliba / cassia or senna occidentalis”, used in Africa for its multiple virtues and whose seeds called “black coffee” are also used to make coffee. The plant is native to tropical America. It is widely cultivated in tropical countries and subsequently naturalized in all the continents where it was imported, hence its presence in Africa.

I hope through my creations to be able to combine business with pleasure with products that are both elegant and eco-responsible. And like this therapeutic plant, being able to bring a little light into the lives of those who adopt them, as well as brighten up their daily lives through our beautiful colors.

Motif africain

Let's get in touch! 

I am always open to meeting other entrepreneurs who are looking to do collaborations.

Or for any questions about my products.

Hope to meet you,


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