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Paysage d'Afrique


Much more than a Brand, a Philosophy

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Inspired by Africa
Imagined in Canada
Made in Portugal

At Medessey Creations, we strive to remain authentic by promoting our values such as sustainable fashion, authenticity, humanism & The well-being.

Although our productshave imagined here in Quebec, they were influenced by my homeland in Africa. Our prints are inspired by a plant called "False kinkéliba or Senna Occidentalis" which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This plant even produces seeds which, once roasted, are used as coffee seeds. These leaves, once boiled, are used during pregnancy to fight against unwanted parasites. This plant is native to tropical America. It is widely cultivated in tropical countries and subsequently naturalized in all the continents where it was imported, hence its presence in Africa.

Medessey Creations represents the mix between Africa and the West. The brand's designs are a marriage of colors and prints represented by these two worlds. Our eco-responsible and vegan materials are our contribution to sustainable fashion and our effort to protect the environment. Ourproductions are the reflection of our values of well-being, since they are manufactured under ethical conditions byartisans in Portugal.

Bibiane Sodokpa, mother of 3 wonderful casseroles and founder of the Medessey Cré brand
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Helping the most deprived in Quebec & Africa through donations

Humanism + Well-being =

The company will donate part of its profits to non-profit organizations in Quebec and elsewhere, which contribute to a better world and for causes that are close to our hearts.

To see our first donation to Africa, click here.

Bibiane Sodokpa, mother of 3 wonderful casseroles and founder of the Medessey Créations brand
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I am Bibiane Sodokpa, mother of 3 wonderful babies and founder of Medessey Créations, a brand of vegan and apple leather shoes and bags, for mother-daughter or women wishing to reveal their uniqueness.


I had the idea of ​​creating my brand, following observation of the society in which we live, but above all for my daughters and me. We run every day for all kinds of reasons: money, work etc. and we sometimes miss the most important thing: time spent with our children.

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